About Us

kevin halawyKevin Halawy had always been intrigued by the pool service industry. He set out to research the industry; trying to find out if the risk involved will be justified by the end result. The more and more he researched, the more and more he found ways to create a company that can break away from the rest.

As Mr. Halawy continued on his venture, he paired up with Miami Dade Pool Services, Inc. to learn under their tutelage. Mr. Halawy has now gained much knowledge of the industry and has started his own company, KH Pool Services, Inc. Kevin Halawy’s vision is to create a business where the client can be treated with respect and where the communication between client and company is second to none. While servicing pools can be done by many companies, attention given to the client is crucial at our company.

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The way that we will achieve our goal is by our knowledge of modern technology in communicating with clients. The last thing a homeowner wants to worry about is if:

1. their pool was serviced or not

2. there are any problems with their pool

3. the pool can be used or not

We are here to take away the headaches of maintaining the pool, so our job is for the client to get the needed information as fast as possible. Unfortunately, pool service companies do not take advantage of the technology that we have today (i.e. email, video calling, GPS, spreadsheets, picture mail, or even text). This is where we come in and fill that gap. Contact Us today !


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